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Teaching Children Early

On the 23rd of March, our Practice Manager, Kristylee, and our new Oral Health Therapist, Maddie, visited Wyong Preschool to give the children and teachers an information session about how to best look after young teeth through toothbrushing and diet. We discussed what to expect at their first dental visit and the kids were very excited to visit soon!

Did you know that you should start to bring your baby to the dentist as soon as their first teeth erupt? This allows us to ensure everything is developing normally, give parents hints and tips about how to best care for your baby’s teeth, and most importantly, for your baby to become comfortable in the unfamiliar dental environment to set them up for positive dental visits throughout their childhood.

It is very important for us here at Church St Dental to build up a strong relationship with our surrounding preschools and schools so that the children feel confident about caring for their teeth and love visiting us regularly.

Maddie Ducker

Oral Health Therapist

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