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New Patient Offer

New Patient Offer

We believe in giving patients the same positive dental experience that we would expect for ourselves and our families and our values strongly support our vision. In order to give you the best possible care we need to get to know you very well, both personally and professionally!

Our new patient examination is a comprehensive session that is booked longer than a regular checkup to allow us the time to get to know you. We perform a comprehensive examination with oral cancer screening, jaw joint health, photos and a full set of x-rays so we can see what is happening in all the nooks and crannies we can’t see. If we have time we can also perform a scale/clean and fluoride treatment.

We want to encourage people to take care of their teeth, so we have a new patient offer of $250 which runs permanently. The cost breakdown and ADA codes for your healthfund, if you have one, are listed below for full transparency.

Book by calling or using the online booking system to join our community of patients.

New patient offer:

  • Comprehensive Examination (ADA Code: 011)
  • Oral Cancer Screening (ADA Code: 054)
  • Intra oral x-rays (ADA Codes: 022, 022)
  • Full mouth x-ray (ADA Code: 037)
  • Scale and Clean (ADA Code: 114)
  • Fluoride Treatment (ADA Code: 121)
  • Intra-oral photos (ADA Code: 073, 074)