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Church St Dental believes that, when it comes to dental disease, prevention is just as important as the cure.

We offer a comprehensive six-monthly recall program which allows for the maintenance of your teeth and gums as well as detecting any dental problems. Each of our six month recall visits include:

– Thorough inspection of all of your teeth for any signs of decay

– Oral cancer screening

– Examination of your gums for any signs of gum disease

– Teeth cleaning to remove any build-up and polishing to remove any superficial tooth stains related to diet and/or smoking.

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We provide extensive orthodontics, cosmetic and general dental treatment for the Church St Dental and Central Coast Community.

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Our Practice Is Driven By One Simple Thing, Our Values.

At Church St Dental, we believe that the best treatment can only be achieve with the most up-to- date technology. We are a forward moving practice and go the extra mile to use to use the latest technology and materials for the benefit of our patients, including

  • Digital x-rays that allow for x-rays with the lowest achievable radiation dose
  • On-site x-ray machine (OPG machine) for assessment of wisdom teeth
  • Pain-free electronic anaesthetic delivery with the Wand anaesthetic system

Dentistry is a constantly-evolving industry and we are committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest developments through continuous further education and training to ensure our patients receive the most comprehensive and advanced care.

Our aim We go the extra mile to make patients feel at ease

Our dental surgeries are equipped with ceiling-mounted TVs, so you can zone out and watch your favourite Netflix show during your dental treatment. We also believe that keeping patients waiting creates stress and anxiety, so we very rarely run late, which means that, as nice as our patient lounge is, chances are you won’t be spending very long there.