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Blog Post – Careers Day Wyong Public School


On Thursday the 12th of September Wyong Public School held their annual Careers day expo. We were invited, along with other businesses around our local area, to hold a stall within the school. To represent the team at Church St Dental, I (Sam) went and attended the day representing our dental assistants. I was one of at least 20 businesses who set up a stall to support Wyong public school’s careers day.

My stall consisted of posters, business cards, and a large size model of the human mouth including a tooth brush. The children found this fascinating. Stickers of Boston, our therapy dog, were handed out which were a big hit!

The morning set up ran very smoothly, we were all ready to meet the children! First up were the children in kindergarten through to year 2. They all came rushing in very excited to see what each stall had to provide. Children came running up to my stall asking if they could brush the teeth I had brought. They each lined up patiently to take a turn. I brought along a poster that demonstrated the correct way to brush so the kids new exactly what to do if they got a little stuck. Once completed I gave them a sticker for doing so well and they were all so excited to get their stickers of Boston! They couldn’t believe that there was puppy dog that worked at the practice.

Year 3 to 4 were up next. Being a bit older, the children had more questions to ask. Some children even recognised the sticker of Boston as the practice that they go to! Even mentioning how they remember they got to watch “cool shows on the tv” as we provide Netflix in the chair at our practice.

I played a game with the children. I asked them how many times a day they need to brush their teeth and for how long? To my surprise, the majority of the children knew it was twice a day for 2 minutes! Every child knew that if they did not brush properly, they would end up with holes. As prizes, they all received a sticker of Boston which they proudly showed off. After having a play with the model of the mouth and brushing its teeth, they ran along to the next stall.

Many of the students’ parents had questions about our therapy dog. I explained that he helps ease the nerves of our patients whom are a bit afraid of coming to the dentist. He sits on your lap to provide comfort and a distraction to the children. Although, many adults also enjoy a cuddle with him in the chair. The parents gathered joked that they would need Boston on their lap also.

Wyong Public School generously provided some snacks for everyone involved to help us refuel during tea and coffee break. Not long after, it was time for our last group of the day the seniors of the school year 5 and 6. Lots of questions were asked this time round as all kids had clip boards and pens asking questions and writing down the answers. Multiple children were interested in how to get in the job, what kind of studying or qualifications were needed. A lot of parents were also intrigued about orthodontic treatment for their children and were pleased to hear that we do FREE consultations.

I am very pleased with how well the children behaved and their manners. Wyong Public’s School Careers day was a success and I hope to see some of the children booked in with Boston in the near future!

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