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Love Lanes Festival Wyong

Whenever February comes around all of us here at Church St Dental think the same thing…Love Lanes Festival is here!

While it is true that we plan our stall months ahead, we can’t help but feel excited when we know it is only a few weeks away. This year we had one of our Dental Assistants/Receptionists Katie running the stall along with our dentist Dr Charles.

This year was also a little bit more special as we had Dr Charles and Dr Laura’s therapy dog Boston make his debut appearance, and boy did he do well! Boston is a 2 year old cavoodle and rescue dog that Dr Charles and Dr Laura adopted from Dog Rescue Newcastle (www.dogrescuenewcastle.com.au) in February 2018. He has undergone extensive training since to become a Delta-qualified therapy dog.

Boston comes into the practice most Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays with Dr Laura and is there to help with any nervous kids or even adults that just need a bit of reassurance. We put up his little tepee (although it was a little bit too hot for him to enjoy it too much) and he did a fantastic job meeting not only some current patients that came and said hello but also some new faces that just couldn’t believe their ears when they found out what he did for a job!

The afternoon started off well with Katie and Dr Charles setting up the stall with banners and getting ready all the goody bags we had made for the day. While this was happening, we saw so many other local businesses setting up as well and it really made a difference and made us feel that we were a part of such a great community.

We were even lucky enough to have set up right next to the circus performers who did an unbelievable job on the silk and the ring. They had their performances on every hour and every time they started not only did we stop and watch in awe but every single person walking by or sitting on one of the lawn chairs couldn’t take their eyes off them! We are so lucky to have such amazing talent in our community.

Once the performers would finish, we would speak and talk with so many current and new patients with any queries they might have had. Boston did a fine job in entertaining the kids

and Dr Charles and Katie had a great time soaking in the community atmosphere and answering any teeth-related questions. We also gave out free stickers, toothbrushes and goody bags for the kids, which didn’t last long!

The afternoon turned into evening and boy did it go quick. We chatted to so many people we lost count and found despite the summer heat and humidity we didn’t get too burnt. Well, Katie might have a little!

When the event came to an end we were a little sad but excited for what next years Love Lanes Festival would bring.

It’s not everyday you can enjoy and be apart of such a great occasion that brings so many different people and businesses together to create a truly magical afternoon/evening. We cannot wait for next year and are eager to see if any new shops pop up that we can watch grow and become apart of the Wyong community as we have been for so many years.

If you (or your kids) are interested in meeting Boston and having him sit with you during your next dental appointment, please give us a call on 4351 1642. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Love Lanes Festival!

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