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Dentist Tacoma

Dentist Tacoma

Time for an appointment?

Have you been postponing your dental appointment because you are scared? Or maybe because you had no idea who to entrust your oral health with? 

The more you reschedule, the greater the problem, and the longer the recovery will take. 

No more fear, no more hesitation, because you have a reliable dentist near Tacoma – Church St Dental is right around your corner, ready to check up on you and propose the best treatment method. 

Church St Dental Driven by Values

What our regular patients love about Church St Dental practice is the fact that we are driven by our values. Since the first day, we vowed to devote to each one of our patients our complete attention and tend to their needs delicately. We understand that many feel uncomfortable about getting some dental work done and our dentist around the corner from Tacoma is determined to make the experience as pleasant as possible. 

State-of-the-art Dental Equipment

We are among the top dental practices in the area. Our dentist boasts unmatched skills and expertise, and what is more – we never stop learning. We continue to advance our knowledge and skills to ensure the most optimal results for our patients. 

At Church St Dental, we utilise only cutting-edge dental tools and equipment, including digital x-rays that expose the patient to the lowest achievable radiation dose and on-site x-ray machine that enables clear assessment of wisdom teeth.

We also use only pain-free electronic anaesthetic delivery with the Wand anaesthetic system. We know that dental work can be slightly uncomfortable and in some more severe cases quite painful, which is why we use every tool that is at our disposal to make the process as pain and stress-free as possible. 

Long-term Results

Our dentist close to Tacoma is highly experienced and skilled. Any of our dental professionals will examine your teeth and propose the best treatment that will not only solve the current health issue but ensure good oral health long-term. 

Here at Church St Dental, we also believe that prevention is the best plan of action. For this reason, we advise you to schedule a regular checkup and allow us to conduct some minor corrections to prevent any greater health issues from occurring. We don’t allow our patients to get lost in the system – we have each and every one of them on a 6-month recall program. You can always count on a regular appointment with our dentist! 

Honesty is our Policy

We never give any false hopes. After we examine your teeth, we talk openly about your options and our dentist near Tacoma advises you on the best plan of action. We never make any promises that we cannot keep but present you with facts and realistic results. 

First, we take a look at your teeth to be able to prescribe the best treatment or propose the most appropriate procedure. However, we don’t start any work until you give us your full consent. At Church St Dental, we also ensure the price of our dental services are affordable and we are more than happy to talk openly about the cost of the proposed treatment. 

Right Around the Corner

Church St Dental is your small, neighbourly dental practice. We are right around the corner, so if you experience any kind of dental discomfort, don’t hesitate to call or come knocking on our door. Our dentist will examine you as soon as possible and complete the necessary procedure or prescribe the best treatment plan. 

What our regular patients emphasise about our service is our professional, yet neighbourly attitude. To make the appointment as comfortable as possible, we make the effort to get to know you and create a friendly and pleasant environment. Our dentists from around the corner from Tacoma pride themselves on being a part of the local community, supporting the local sporting teams and businesses. 

We will Go the Extra Mile For You

We want to get to know you. To thoroughly examine your teeth. To discover all pressing health issues, and predict future ones. 

This is possible only if you feel completely comfortable while you are in our chair and if you are ready to talk openly about your experiences and your health. 

Church St Dental is your local dental office that is happy to hear everything you want to share.

Please note: We are located close to the Tacoma area and are only a short drive away. This page was created to let you know you have a friendly, professional dental practice at your fingertips.

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