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Dentist vs Hygienist – What’s the difference?

At Church St Dental, we are a team dedicated to help our patients in maintaining a healthy smile for life. This team is made up of our lovely dental assistants, and our Oral health therapist who works alongside our Dentists to provide you with the best care for your mouth.

Our Therapist specialises in educating both adults and children on how to best care for their teeth, she also specialises in working with children. We want to ensure you are maintaining optimal oral health and prevent the need for more intensive dental treatment in the future. Our Therapist is trained to do the following:

  • routine dental examinations – where your gum and teeth health are thoroughly assessed
  • scale and clean
  • x-rays
  • oral health instructions
  • further gum therapy if required
  • preventative treatments – fissure sealants and fluoride
  • our therapist is also able to provide further treatments for children such as fillings.

She works together with our Dentists to ensure each of our patients is receiving the best dental care for their individual needs.

The dentists are the head of our team. If our patients require further treatment, it is their role to look after these concerns how they best see fit. Our Therapist is trained specifically to maintain the health of your mouth, teeth and gums. It is then the Dentist role to provide further specialised care including restorative treatments, orthodontics and cosmetic care.

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