When bacteria in the presence of dietary sugars stay in contact with teeth for a period of time, the bacteria will produce acids which dissolve and break down tooth structure, creating a decay cavity in the tooth. When this occurs, the decay should be cleaned out and the cavity restored (filled) with a suitable dental restorative material, which are usually tooth-coloured.

When a tooth is significantly weakened by tooth decay, tooth breakage or by a traumatic bite pattern, it can often be effectively reinforced against breakage by the placement of a crown.

are caps that are customized to your tooth using materials that are much stronger than a regular dental filling material and offer greater reinforcement for a tooth.

Bridges are usually used to fill a gap/space above the gums where a tooth is missing. A bridge involves placing a crown on one or two of the teeth around the missing tooth, and attaching a prosthetic tooth to those surrounding crowns to replace the missing tooth. Alternatively, you can look at getting an implant or a partial denture to replace this space.In other cases, orthodontics or braces may be used to move adjacent teeth into the gap/space to close the gap.

A veneer is a porcelain facing that can be placed on the front of a tooth to improve the appearance of the tooth.

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